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For all skin types lacking in elasticity, with marks or blemishes and with the need to recover a smo..
RM108.00 Ex Tax: RM108.00
Massada Anti-aging Facial Protection provides high protection against sunburn and premature skin agi..
RM207.00 Ex Tax: RM207.00
The ideal treatment for the delicate area around the eyes. Helps to reduce bags, improves appearance..
RM211.00 Ex Tax: RM211.00
Antiaging cream with re-balancing effects, for all skintypes which need extra care throughout the da..
RM381.00 Ex Tax: RM381.00
Especially created for taking care of the delicate skin around the eyes which tends to lose its firm..
RM234.00 Ex Tax: RM234.00
Indicated for use on oily, sensitive and inflamed skin, or skin suffering from couperosis. It works ..
RM108.00 Ex Tax: RM108.00
Intensive cell renewing exfoliator, unites general skin tone, helps to reduce marks, wrinkles and ir..
RM175.00 Ex Tax: RM175.00
Nourishes, softens and protects the skin from the wind, the cold and sun. An anti-irritant which giv..
RM117.00 Ex Tax: RM117.00
Moisturises and unblocks, it soothes skin irritations. This milk has a soft texture and can be appli..
RM117.00 Ex Tax: RM117.00
This unctuous lotion is for regenerating the skin on the whole body. It improves tone and elasticity..
RM156.00 Ex Tax: RM156.00
Oil which gives the breasts a more voluminous feeling, providing a prettier and more beautiful bust...
RM190.00 Ex Tax: RM190.00
Immediate facial beauty perfecting treatment resulting from the combination of the results of facial..
RM222.00 Ex Tax: RM222.00
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