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Massada Hyaluronic Acid Range

RM297.50 RM350.00 -15%
This is indicated for skin that is beginning to lack firmness, elasticity and dehydration. It reduce..
RM297.50 RM350.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM297.50
RM212.50 RM250.00 -15%
Helps to bring back smoothness and firmness to the eye and lip contour. Prevents frownlines due to t..
RM212.50 RM250.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM212.50
RM238.00 RM280.00 -15%
For all skintypes showing signs of sagging, reduced tone and loss of firmness. Properties: It enable..
RM238.00 RM280.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM238.00
RM374.00 RM440.00 -15%
A soft textured innovative serum that reaffirms, refines and softens the skin. It encourages the def..
RM374.00 RM440.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM374.00
RM284.75 RM335.00 -15%
High reaffirming and restructuring powers that bring back tissue firmness. It defines the facial con..
RM284.75 RM335.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM284.75
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