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Massada Bio Cellular Range

Intensive cell renewing exfoliator, unites general skin tone, helps to reduce marks, wrinkles and ir..
RM200.00 Ex Tax: RM200.00
A cream which keeps the skin moisturised for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soya an..
RM440.00 Ex Tax: RM440.00
This unctuous lotion is for regenerating the skin on the whole body. It improves tone and elasticity..
RM190.00 Ex Tax: RM190.00
Quickly and effectively remove the toughest eye and lip makeup thanks to this powerful dual-phase fo..
RM170.00 Ex Tax: RM170.00
Fusion of plant extracts that offers deep cleansing in a single step. Its micelles effectively captu..
RM170.00 Ex Tax: RM170.00
This concentrate serum restores the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and elastin. It reduces s..
RM230.00 Ex Tax: RM230.00
For constant moisture. Each spray re-mineralises and tones the skin, providing a pleasant refreshing..
RM170.00 Ex Tax: RM170.00
Looks after and protects the delicate area around the eyes, helping to fight and improve the 4 main ..
RM260.00 Ex Tax: RM260.00
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