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Massada Extracts

For all skin types lacking in elasticity, with marks or blemishes and with the need to recover a smo..
RM130.00 Ex Tax: RM130.00
Indicated for use on oily, sensitive and inflamed skin, or skin suffering from couperosis. It works ..
RM128.00 Ex Tax: RM128.00
Indicated for use on oily, seborrheic skin, and skin with large pores, black heads and small spots. ..
RM128.00 Ex Tax: RM128.00
RM110.50 RM130.00 -15%
To be used on skin with pigmentation marks and acne. This efficient bearberry extract prevents marks..
RM110.50 RM130.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM110.50
For all skin types. Extract with a pleasant texture which deeply moisturise the skin without making ..
RM130.00 Ex Tax: RM130.00
For mature and devitalized skin.Antioxidant and nourishing properties. Rich in phyto-estrogens. Espe..
RM135.00 Ex Tax: RM135.00
Indicated for younger, more sensitive skin, which may be irritated or suffering from couperoisis. So..
RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00
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