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Clarena Medica Line

A specialized, hypoallergenic, light cream designed for oily skin, with a tendency to acne vulgaris,..
RM200.00 Ex Tax: RM200.00
Hypoallergenic cream intended for the care of mature skin with signs of photoaging - age spots, disc..
RM250.00 Ex Tax: RM250.00
Hypoallergenic cream designed for the care of vascular skin, with rosacea. The cream has a semi-rich..
RM300.00 Ex Tax: RM300.00
A gentle cleansing gel designed for cleaning all types of problem skin. Effectively cleanses the fac..
RM118.00 Ex Tax: RM118.00
A mild micellar tonic designed for cleaning all types of problematic skin. Effectively cleans the co..
RM118.00 Ex Tax: RM118.00
Serum in ampoules supporting anti-redness therapy. The product should be applied overnight to allow ..
RM315.00 Ex Tax: RM315.00
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