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Clarena O2xy Infusion Line

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Set Contains:- O2xy Hybrid Gel 15ml- O2xylogic Cream 15mlCODE: RCZ0411..
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Hybrid oxygen gelO2xy Hybrid GelOxygen hybrid gel, which under the influence of water turns into del..
RM83.30 RM98.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM83.30
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15%
Achieve Luminous Glowing Skin with O2xycell CocktailOxygen cocktail with active vitamin C for the ca..
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM272.00
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15%
3-phase oxygen serum3-phase serum is a combination of ingredients with oxygenating, moisturizing and..
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM272.00
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15%
Oxygenating cream with a light mousse textureOxygenating cream of a light texture mousse with active..
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM272.00
RM100.30 RM118.00 -15%
Oxygen tonicOxygen tonic designed for mature, grey and tired skin. Gently cleanses, restores natural..
RM100.30 RM118.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM100.30
RM91.80 RM108.00 -15%
O2xylogic Mini Set. Perfect for travel.Set contains:O2xy Hybrid GelO2xylogic TonicO2xylogic Cream15m..
RM91.80 RM108.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM91.80
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