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Clarena Sensitive Line

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A multidirectional elixir based on six oilsA multidirectional elixir based on six oils, for the care..
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RM199.75 RM235.00 -15%
Energizing serum for dilated capillariesEffective treatment that strengthens sensitive, irritat..
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RM97.75 RM115.00 -15%
Fruit peel designed for dry, sensitive and vascular skin. Enzyme Linked-Papain closed in microc..
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Set contains:Sensi Calming CreamLuxury Enzymatic Peeling30ml + 30mlCode: RCZESTAW0089..
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Calming and protective cream for couperoseProtective and strengthening preparation recommended&..
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Soothing tonicSoothing tonic intended for sensitive and coupe rose prone to reddening. Composed on a..
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Optimal protection SPF 50+The preparation ensuring the protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Combin..
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