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Massada Pearl Perfection Range

The ideal treatment for the delicate area around the eyes. Helps to reduce bags, improves appearance..
RM240.00 Ex Tax: RM240.00
Instantly experience a new, rested, bright and beautiful skin. Let yourself be enveloped by the pear..
RM498.00 Ex Tax: RM498.00
For all skin types which begin to reveal small signs of wrinkling and expression lines. The high con..
RM480.00 Ex Tax: RM480.00
Cream for all skin types revealing small signs of tiredness, expression lines and sagging. Argilerin..
RM405.00 Ex Tax: RM405.00
Suitable for all skin types. For frequent or one off use. Ideal treatment for relieving stressed and..
RM360.00 Ex Tax: RM360.00
For daily use. Cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it glowing, soft and elasticated. The exfoli..
RM220.00 Ex Tax: RM220.00
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