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Hydrating / Moisturizing

RM60.72 RM66.00 -8%
Ultra-moisturising face mask with 3 types of hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin complexA revolution in m..
RM60.72 RM66.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM60.72
RM522.56 RM568.00 -8%
Biotechnology and nature are combined in a formula that is as unprecedented as it is unbeatable. A m..
RM522.56 RM568.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM522.56
RM441.60 RM480.00 -8%
Facial firming treatment with immediate effect which, thanks to microfluidification, deeply treats w..
RM441.60 RM480.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM441.60
RM64.40 RM70.00 -8%
Pearls with hyaluronic acid Luxury, silky gel isolated inside the unique pearls, recommended fo..
RM64.40 RM70.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM64.40
RM441.60 RM480.00 -8%
Concentrated facial treatment with lifting effect that treats the intense needs of skin that is lack..
RM441.60 RM480.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM441.60
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