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Ultra-moisturizing elixir with 3 types of hyaluronic acidThe advanced moisturizing formula with 3D e..
RM238.00 Ex Tax: RM238.00
A lifting day cream for the care of a mature skin with multiple wrinkles and lacking elasticity. Due..
RM270.00 Ex Tax: RM270.00
A shampoo to moisturize dehydrated and dried-out hair.拥有植物性蛋白质复合配方的洗发液有效深层修护头发,帮助顺滑发丝,还原秀发健康。..
RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00
Floranourish Treatment (200g)A hair treatment that contain plant-derived moisturizer to hydrate dama..
RM140.00 Ex Tax: RM140.00
Indicated for use on oily, seborrheic skin, and skin with large pores, black heads and small spots. ..
RM128.00 Ex Tax: RM128.00
The set includes:- Probio Micellar Liquid 30 ml- Probio Balance Cream 30 mlCODE: RCZESTAW0300..
RM135.00 Ex Tax: RM135.00
Anti-sun yoghurt with SPF 30. Due to the chemical and mechanical filters, the cream guarantees optim..
RM145.00 Ex Tax: RM145.00
Achieve Luminous Glowing Skin with O2xycell CocktailOxygen cocktail with active vitamin C for the ca..
RM320.00 Ex Tax: RM320.00
Probiotic cream designed for the care of dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The aloe juice and vitam..
RM270.00 Ex Tax: RM270.00
For sensitive, fragile and irritated skin. Unblocks, soothes and strengthens the capillaries. Essent..
RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00
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