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Body Care

RM97.50 RM130.00 -25%
Nourishes, softens and protects the skin from the wind, the cold and sun. An anti-irritant which giv..
RM97.50 RM130.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM97.50
RM97.50 RM130.00 -25%
Moisturises and unblocks, it soothes skin irritations. This milk has a soft texture and can be appli..
RM97.50 RM130.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM97.50
RM142.50 RM190.00 -25%
This unctuous lotion is for regenerating the skin on the whole body. It improves tone and elasticity..
RM142.50 RM190.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM142.50
RM172.50 RM230.00 -25%
Oil which gives the breasts a more voluminous feeling, providing a prettier and more beautiful bust...
RM172.50 RM230.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM172.50
RM63.75 RM75.00 -15%
Delicate liquid caviar soap is the first step to perfect skin care of your hands. Ideally connects t..
RM63.75 RM75.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM63.75
RM123.75 RM165.00 -25%
Protects, moisturises and strengthens. Helps to protect sensitive skins and to fight damage caused b..
RM123.75 RM165.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM123.75
RM157.50 RM210.00 -25%
Prevents the skin from marking and becoming rough. Especially indicated for dry, sensitive and/or fl..
RM157.50 RM210.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM157.50
RM119.00 RM140.00 -15%
Probiotic cream designed for the care of dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The aloe juice and vitam..
RM119.00 RM140.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM119.00
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