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Dull Hair

Citrusglow Treatment (200g)A hair treatment to make the hair smooth, flexible and shinny.δ½Ώη§€ε‘ζ»‘ι‘Ίε…·δΈ”ζœ‰ε…‰ζ³½ηš„..
RM170.00 Ex Tax: RM170.00
Muriem Gold Triphilia 120mlA light hair oil for damaged hair. To approach the bristles of damage, sm..
RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00
Muriem Pink Fruit Oil 120mlProvides fresh gloss to dry hair ends.η»™δΊˆζŸ”ζ»‘ηš„ζ‰‹θ§¦ζ„Ÿε’Œζ»‹ζΆ¦ε…‰ζ³½ζ„Ÿηš„ζŠ€ε‘η²Ύζ²Ήγ€‚..
RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00
Muriem Pink Home Milk 120mlProvides fresh gloss to dry hair ends.ι€θΏ‡ζ»‹ε…»εŠζŸ”ζ»‘2ε€§εŠŸζ•ˆοΌŒε…¨ι’ζ”Ήε–„ε‘δΈε†…ε€–ηΌΊζ°΄ηŠΆε†΅γ€‚..
RM106.00 Ex Tax: RM106.00
Muriem Pink Shampoo G 250mlThe gloss and smooth formulation that is perfect for dull hair, gently cl..
RM125.00 Ex Tax: RM125.00
Muriem Pink Treatment G 200gDaily treatments enriched in grapefruit extract bring hair glossy and si..
RM135.00 Ex Tax: RM135.00
Muriem Pink Treatment M 200gA moisturizing treatment that restores dry and chemically treated hair. ..
RM135.00 Ex Tax: RM135.00
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