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Antiwrinkle PearlsUnique, luxurious, pampering, silky, pearl-encapsulated gel, specially formulated ..
RM90.00 Ex Tax: RM90.00
Antiwrinkle PearlsUnique, luxurious, pampering, silky, pearl-encapsulated gel, specially formulated ..
RM225.00 Ex Tax: RM225.00
A gentle cleansing gel designed for cleaning all types of problem skin. Effectively cleanses the fac..
RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00
Ultra-moisturising face mask with 3 types of hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin complexA revolution in m..
RM95.00 Ex Tax: RM95.00
Biotechnology and nature are combined in a formula that is as unprecedented as it is unbeatable. A m..
RM580.00 Ex Tax: RM580.00
Helps to bring back smoothness and firmness to the eye and lip contour. Prevents frownlines due to t..
RM280.00 Ex Tax: RM280.00
Especially for oily skin, large pores, lipomas, black heads and skin impurities. Properties: Purifyi..
RM180.00 Ex Tax: RM180.00
To be used on dry skin or skins with marks or blemishes. The mineral properties transform it into a ..
RM180.00 Ex Tax: RM180.00
Facial firming treatment with immediate effect which, thanks to microfluidification, deeply treats w..
RM480.00 Ex Tax: RM480.00
Indicated for use on oily, seborrheic skin, and skin with large pores, black heads and small spots. ..
RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00
Face peel with hyaluronic acidMechanical-enzymatic hyaluronic peel with smoothing and moisturizing e..
RM185.00 Ex Tax: RM185.00
Pearls with hyaluronic acid Luxury, silky gel isolated inside the unique pearls, recommended fo..
RM80.00 Ex Tax: RM80.00
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