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Velvety gel with diamond dust, caviar extract and Revitalin®-BT complex. Delicate, micellary formula..
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RM99.36 RM108.00 -8%
Ultra-moisturizing cleansing milk for make-up removal with 3 types of hyaluronic acidModern technolo..
RM99.36 RM108.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM99.36
RM99.36 RM108.00 -8%
A delicate cleansing gel for the care of a mature skin. It removes the makeup effectively as well as..
RM99.36 RM108.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM99.36
RM108.56 RM118.00 -8%
A gentle cleansing gel designed for cleaning all types of problem skin. Effectively cleanses the fac..
RM108.56 RM118.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM108.56
RM124.20 RM135.00 -8%
The set includes:- Probio Micellar Liquid 30 ml- Probio Balance Cream 30 mlCODE: RCZESTAW0300..
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RM156.40 RM170.00 -8%
Fusion of plant extracts that offers deep cleansing in a single step. Its micelles effectively captu..
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RM99.36 RM108.00 -8%
A delicate cleansing gel for mixed, oily, and acne-prone skin. White willow and flax extracts togeth..
RM99.36 RM108.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM99.36
RM136.16 RM148.00 -8%
Cleanse and soften your skin with Massada mud soap. It eliminates dead cells and impurities and prov..
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RM138.00 RM150.00 -8%
Indicated for oily and acne skins. Regulates the skin without dehydrating it. Helps control excess o..
RM138.00 RM150.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM138.00
RM202.40 RM220.00 -8%
For daily use. Cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it glowing, soft and elasticated. The exfoli..
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RM101.20 RM110.00 -8%
Probiotic micellar liquid for face and eyes makeup removal particularly recommended for sensitive sk..
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RM99.36 RM108.00 -8%
Delicate make-up removing milkExceptionally delicate milk for gentle make-up removal, specially form..
RM99.36 RM108.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM99.36
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