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Scrub / Exfoliate

RM119.60 RM130.00 -8%
Double phase peeling with AHA fruit acids and jojoba granulesA double phase peeling combining the ef..
RM119.60 RM130.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM119.60
RM184.00 RM200.00 -8%
Intensive cell renewing exfoliator, unites general skin tone, helps to reduce marks, wrinkles and ir..
RM184.00 RM200.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM184.00
RM124.20 RM135.00 -8%
Papain dissolve horny epidermis and delicate particles purify it. Peeling for all skin types.Capacit..
RM124.20 RM135.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM124.20
RM193.20 RM210.00 -8%
Prevents the skin from marking and becoming rough. Especially indicated for dry, sensitive and/or fl..
RM193.20 RM210.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM193.20
RM105.80 RM115.00 -8%
Fruit peel designed for dry, sensitive and vascular skin. Enzyme Linked-Papain closed in microc..
RM105.80 RM115.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM105.80
RM202.40 RM220.00 -8%
For daily use. Cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it glowing, soft and elasticated. The exfoli..
RM202.40 RM220.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM202.40
RM128.80 RM140.00 -8%
Retinol sugar peeling with a double exfoliation effectRetinol sugar peeling with a double exfoliatio..
RM128.80 RM140.00 -8% Ex Tax: RM128.80
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