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RM238.00 RM280.00 -15%
Overnight shock therapy with 100% vitamin C 10 x 3mlA ten-day shock therapy! An intensively rejuvena..
RM238.00 RM280.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM238.00
RM65.00 RM130.00 -50%
For all skin types lacking in elasticity, with marks or blemishes and with the need to recover a smo..
RM65.00 RM130.00 -50% Ex Tax: RM65.00
RM199.75 RM235.00 -15%
Energizing serum for dilated capillariesEffective treatment that strengthens sensitive, irritat..
RM199.75 RM235.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM199.75
RM96.00 RM128.00 -25%
Indicated for use on oily, sensitive and inflamed skin, or skin suffering from couperosis. It works ..
RM96.00 RM128.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM96.00
RM360.00 RM480.00 -25%
Facial firming treatment with immediate effect which, thanks to microfluidification, deeply treats w..
RM360.00 RM480.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM360.00
RM96.00 RM128.00 -25%
Indicated for use on oily, seborrheic skin, and skin with large pores, black heads and small spots. ..
RM96.00 RM128.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM96.00
RM330.00 RM440.00 -25%
A soft textured innovative serum that reaffirms, refines and softens the skin. It encourages the def..
RM330.00 RM440.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM330.00
RM502.50 RM670.00 -25%
An exclusive and extraordinary serum that works via endomodulation processes and thanks to a lavish ..
RM502.50 RM670.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM502.50
RM114.75 RM135.00 -15%
Acne Serum 15 mlA serum for an intensive treatment of mixed, oily and acne-prone skin. It contains t..
RM114.75 RM135.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM114.75
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15%
Achieve Luminous Glowing Skin with O2xycell CocktailOxygen cocktail with active vitamin C for the ca..
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM272.00
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15%
3-phase oxygen serum3-phase serum is a combination of ingredients with oxygenating, moisturizing and..
RM272.00 RM320.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM272.00
RM97.50 RM130.00 -25%
For all skin types. Extract with a pleasant texture which deeply moisturise the skin without making ..
RM97.50 RM130.00 -25% Ex Tax: RM97.50
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