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Energizing mask with collagen for the night.Creamy energizing night mask designed for the care of ti..
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RM123.25 RM145.00 -15%
Mask for acne-prone skin, perfect after cleansing facials. Thanks to the synergy of active ingredien..
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RM170.00 RM200.00 -15%
A mask with a mushy texture strongly reducing blemishes, recommended for use in the evening on clean..
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RM127.50 RM170.00 -25%
Especially for oily skin, large pores, lipomas, black heads and skin impurities. Properties: Purifyi..
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RM123.75 RM165.00 -25%
To be used on dry skin or skins with marks or blemishes. The mineral properties transform it into a ..
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RM373.50 RM498.00 -25%
Instantly experience a new, rested, bright and beautiful skin. Let yourself be enveloped by the pear..
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RM343.50 RM458.00 -25%
An innovative mask with a second skin effect, especially recommended for oily skin with enlarged por..
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RM210.00 RM280.00 -25%
For all skintypes showing signs of sagging, reduced tone and loss of firmness. Properties: It enable..
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RM585.00 RM780.00 -25%
Luxurious mask that redensify your skin from the inside by multiplying the thickness of the tissues ..
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RM270.00 RM360.00 -25%
Suitable for all skin types. For frequent or one off use. Ideal treatment for relieving stressed and..
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RM343.50 RM458.00 -25%
PREBIOTICS SKIN CLAMING BIO FACIAL MASKExtreme comfort with the Massada second skin effect mask, spe..
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RM135.00 RM180.00 -25%
To be used as a powerful skin reliever whenever the skin is red or blotchy. Re-balancing properties...
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