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Moisturizer / Day & Night Cream

Luxury, concentrated cream with a new formula without parabens, silicones or paraffin oil for n..
RM320.00 Ex Tax: RM320.00
Ultra-moisturizing cream with 3 types of hyaluronic acidAdvanced moisturizing technology in 3D! Extr..
RM290.00 Ex Tax: RM290.00
Ultra-moisturizing elixir with 3 types of hyaluronic acidThe advanced moisturizing formula with 3D e..
RM290.00 Ex Tax: RM290.00
Anti-acne cream with Pyruvic and Salicylic AcidA cream for the care of mixed, oily skin prone to acn..
RM320.00 Ex Tax: RM320.00
Cream with 100% active vitamin C and silk extractInnovative set: a cream which constitutes the basis..
RM340.00 Ex Tax: RM340.00
Hypoallergenic cream intended for the care of mature skin with signs of photoaging - age spots, disc..
RM325.00 Ex Tax: RM325.00
Antiaging cream with re-balancing effects, for all skintypes which need extra care throughout the da..
RM470.00 Ex Tax: RM470.00
A cream which keeps the skin moisturised for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soya an..
RM470.00 Ex Tax: RM470.00
Caviar cream with pearlLifting and whitening cream with caviar based on a new formula completel..
RM295.00 Ex Tax: RM295.00
Biotechnology and nature are combined in a formula that is as unprecedented as it is unbeatable. A m..
RM580.00 Ex Tax: RM580.00
To be used on skin with impurities and with large pores. Helps to provide oxygen to the tissues, clo..
RM280.00 Ex Tax: RM280.00
A lavish cream formulated by blending lotus flowers with unique active ingredients such as silk, cor..
RM700.00 Ex Tax: RM700.00
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