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Sun Care

RM204.00 RM240.00 -15%
Massada Anti-aging Facial Protection provides high protection against sunburn and premature skin agi..
RM204.00 RM240.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM204.00
RM140.25 RM165.00 -15%
Protects, moisturises and strengthens. Helps to protect sensitive skins and to fight damage caused b..
RM140.25 RM165.00 -15% Ex Tax: RM140.25
RM130.50 RM145.00 -10%
Anti-sun yoghurt with SPF 30. Due to the chemical and mechanical filters, the cream guarantees optim..
RM130.50 RM145.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM130.50
RM117.00 RM130.00 -10%
Optimal protection SPF 50+The preparation ensuring the protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Combin..
RM117.00 RM130.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM117.00
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