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Clarena Max Dermasebum Line

RM103.50 RM115.00 -10%
Corrector for acne-prone skin 5 mlThe corrector covers all imperfections, skin redness and discolora..
RM103.50 RM115.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM103.50
RM130.50 RM145.00 -10%
Mask for acne-prone skin, perfect after cleansing facials. Thanks to the synergy of active ingredien..
RM130.50 RM145.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM130.50
RM117.00 RM130.00 -10%
Double phase peeling with AHA fruit acids and jojoba granulesA double phase peeling combining the ef..
RM117.00 RM130.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM117.00
RM121.50 RM135.00 -10%
Acne Serum 15 mlA serum for an intensive treatment of mixed, oily and acne-prone skin. It contains t..
RM121.50 RM135.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM121.50
RM162.00 RM180.00 -10%
Mattifying day cream for oily and mixed skin good as well for teenagers. Pore Reductyl, salicylic ac..
RM162.00 RM180.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM162.00
RM97.20 RM108.00 -10%
A delicate cleansing gel for mixed, oily, and acne-prone skin. White willow and flax extracts togeth..
RM97.20 RM108.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM97.20
RM97.20 RM108.00 -10%
A tonic for mixed, oily, acne-prone, and imperfect skin. White willow, fireweed (rosebay willowherb)..
RM97.20 RM108.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM97.20
RM175.50 RM195.00 -10%
A balance and mat cream for everyday care of mixed, oily, acne-prone skin. It contains the patented ..
RM175.50 RM195.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM175.50
RM64.80 RM72.00 -10%
Set contains:Max Matt TonicMax Sebum Control Cream30ml + 15mlRCZESTAW0036..
RM64.80 RM72.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM64.80
RM64.80 RM72.00 -10%
Set contains:Max Matt GelMax Matt Cream30ml + 15mlRCZESTAW 0047..
RM64.80 RM72.00 -10% Ex Tax: RM64.80
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