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Dull Hair

RM142.50 RM150.00 -5%
Citrusglow Treatment (200g)A hair treatment to make the hair smooth, flexible and shinny.使秀发滑顺具且有光泽的..
RM142.50 RM150.00 -5% Ex Tax: RM142.50
Muriem Pink Fruit Oil 120mlProvides fresh gloss to dry hair ends.给予柔滑的手触感和滋润光泽感的护发精油。..
RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00
Muriem Pink Home Milk 120mlProvides fresh gloss to dry hair ends.透过滋养及柔滑2大功效,全面改善发丝内外缺水状况。..
RM105.00 Ex Tax: RM105.00
Muriem Pink Shampoo G 250mlThe gloss and smooth formulation that is perfect for dull hair, gently cl..
RM115.00 Ex Tax: RM115.00
Muriem Pink Treatment G 200gDaily treatments enriched in grapefruit extract bring hair glossy and si..
RM125.00 Ex Tax: RM125.00
Muriem Pink Treatment M 200gA moisturizing treatment that restores dry and chemically treated hair. ..
RM125.00 Ex Tax: RM125.00
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