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RM157.50 RM210.00
Prevents the skin from marking and becoming rough. Especially indicated for dry, sensitive and/or fl..
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RM210.00 RM280.00
For all skintypes showing signs of sagging, reduced tone and loss of firmness. Properties: It enable..
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RM330.00 RM440.00
A soft textured innovative serum that reaffirms, refines and softens the skin. It encourages the def..
RM330.00 RM440.00 Ex Tax: RM330.00
RM472.50 RM630.00
A lavish cream formulated by blending lotus flowers with unique active ingredients such as silk, cor..
RM472.50 RM630.00 Ex Tax: RM472.50
RM502.50 RM670.00
An exclusive and extraordinary serum that works via endomodulation processes and thanks to a lavish ..
RM502.50 RM670.00 Ex Tax: RM502.50
RM585.00 RM780.00
Luxurious mask that redensify your skin from the inside by multiplying the thickness of the tissues ..
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RM127.50 RM170.00
Especially indicated for skin with acne or other impurities. Re-balances the acidic mantle without c..
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RM155.00 RM310.00
Daily use moisturising cream which improves skin tone. It unites skin tone without destroying melano..
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RM74.00 RM148.00
Cleanse and soften your skin with Massada mud soap. It eliminates dead cells and impurities and prov..
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RM75.00 RM150.00
Indicated for oily and acne skins. Regulates the skin without dehydrating it. Helps control excess o..
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RM75.00 RM150.00
Essential for daily use on skin with impurities, large pores and grease. Anti-bacterial, anti-septic..
RM75.00 RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM75.00
RM97.50 RM130.00
For all skin types. Extract with a pleasant texture which deeply moisturise the skin without making ..
RM97.50 RM130.00 Ex Tax: RM97.50
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