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To be used as a powerful skin reliever whenever the skin is red or blotchy. Re-balancing properties...
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RM112.50 RM150.00
To be used on dry skins and sensitive skin that is blotchy, flaky or with couperosis. Decongestant, ..
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RM112.50 RM150.00
For sensitive, fragile and irritated skin. Unblocks, soothes and strengthens the capillaries. Essent..
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RM367.50 RM490.00
LFor dry, lifeless and mature skins which have aged earlier than usual. Bio-stimulating, anti-oxidis..
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RM127.50 RM170.00
For constant moisture. Each spray re-mineralises and tones the skin, providing a pleasant refreshing..
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RM195.00 RM260.00
Looks after and protects the delicate area around the eyes, helping to fight and improve the 4 main ..
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RM165.00 RM220.00
Anti-spots facial whitening mask unites skin tone creating a notably more harmonious and radiant app..
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RM97.50 RM130.00
To be used on skin with pigmentation marks and acne. This efficient bearberry extract prevents marks..
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RM90.00 RM180.00
Daily cleansing gel that cleans and purifies your skin, removing traces of make-up and impurities. I..
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RM90.00 RM180.00
Prevents and corrects pigmentation marks and oxygenates and stimulates cellular metabolism. Purifies..
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