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Overnight Anti-Redness Serum (Out Of Stock)

  • Brand: Clarena
  • Product Code: RC2131
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Serum in ampoules supporting anti-redness therapy. The product should be applied overnight to allow free, long-term penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Their penetration contributes to the full regeneration of the skin. Regular, 10-day therapy allows you to strengthen blood vessels, reduce erythema and maculopapular pustules.


- vascular skin, 

- erythema, 

- rosacea.

Active ingredients: 

AldavineĀ® 5X - a combination of unique, active polysaccharides from two algae: red (containing galactans) and brown (containing fucans), obtained by biotechnological synthesis. They regulate the production of pro-inflammatory mediators called cytokines, which are responsible for the expansion of blood vessels. They limit the activity of MMPs (metalloproteinases), enzymes that cause collagen degradation, premature aging of the skin, including the appearance of blood vessels.

Vitamin U - a derivative of methionine - one of the basic amino acids - isolated from cabbage. Its action results from the antihistamine properties, inhibits the cascade of inflammatory reactions, and, as research shows, more than three times accelerates the rate of regeneration of damaged skin, which makes the skin is relaxed and resistant to re-irritation from external factors. 

Ocaline - inhibits the secretion of histamine, prevents the appearance of redness and erythema.


- strengthens the walls of the capillaries, 

- inhibits the activity of the main factors responsible for the expansion of blood vessels, 

- contains vitamin U, which accelerates skin regeneration more than 3 times, 

- AldavineĀ® 5X soothes inflammation, 

- protects against irritation caused by environmental factors.


- 100% safe product, 

- does not contain parabens, 

- does not contain paraffin oil, 

- does not contain silicones.

Directions for use: Clean the face, neck and cleavage skin with Clarena Medel cleansing gel and micellar tonic. Next, break the ampoule in the place marked with a dot. Spread the contents of the ampoule on the skin, leave to absorb. Use overnight for a period of 10 days. 

Packaging: 10 x 3 ml 

Code: RC2131

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