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Anti-Redness Cream (Out Of Stock)

  • Brand: Clarena
  • Product Code: RC2130
  • Availability: In Stock

Hypoallergenic cream designed for the care of vascular skin, with rosacea. The cream has a semi-rich consistency that guarantees round-the-clock skin protection against sun, wind, cold and other factors that may adversely affect the condition of the blood vessels. Applied to the skin, it gives a feeling of relief, reduces the feeling of tightening and burning the skin.


- vascular skin, 

- erythema, 

- rosacea.

Active ingredients:

Centella Stems - fights symptoms and activates deep, strong mechanisms of control over the main causes of rosacea, reduces redness of the skin, strengthens the structure of the capillaries, significantly protects the capillary structures of the cell walls.

AldavineĀ® 5X - inhibits the activity of the main factors responsible for the dilation of blood vessels and the emergence of telangiectasia.

Vitamin U - a derivative of methionine - one of the basic amino acids - isolated from cabbage. Its action results from the antihistamine properties, inhibits the cascade of inflammatory reactions, and, as research shows, more than three times accelerates the rate of regeneration of damaged skin, which makes the skin is relaxed and resistant to re-irritation from external factors. 

Ocaline - inhibits the secretion of histamine, prevents the appearance of redness and erythema.


- strengthens the structure of capillary cell walls, protecting their integrity, 

- inhibits the activity of the main factors responsible for the expansion of blood vessels, 

- contains vitamin U, which accelerates skin regeneration more than 3 times, 

- makes the skin resistant to redness, 

- provides an excellent base for make-up, 

- it makes the skin perfectly smooth, firm, and makes the skin look more homogeneous.


- 100% safe product, 

- does not contain parabens, 

- does not contain paraffin oil, 

- does not contain silicones, 

- hygienic packaging.

Directions for use: Clean the face, neck and cleavage skin with Clarena Medel cleansing gel and micellar tonic. Then spread a cream that silences the vascular changes. Use twice a day. 

Capacity: 50 ml

Code: RC2130

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