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Travel Pack Hyaluron 3D

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  • Brand: Clarena
  • Product Code: RCT0001
  • Availability: 10

Travel Pack Hyaluron 3D consists of ultra moisturising Hyaluron 3D Milk, Hyaluron 3D Tonic, Hyaluron 3D Elixir and Hyaluron 3D Cream. It is perfect as a travel set or to try cosmetics. An advanced three dimensional moisturising technology! Tonic and cream are particularly recommended for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The innovative formula is based on a combination of different forms of hyaluronic acid: a high molecular weight CRISTALHYAL and a low-molecular, cross linked HYACARE® FILLER CL, which significantly increase moisture content of skin by their multidirectional effects. Additionally, EPIDERMIST 4.0 restores the innate immune system of skin and supports hydration.

15 ml + 15 ml + 15ml + 15 ml
Code: RCT0001

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