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Cleansing Gel

  • Brand: Clarena
  • Product Code: RC2100
  • Availability: 50

A gentle cleansing gel designed for cleaning all types of problem skin. Effectively cleanses the face of impurities, fat, sweat and makeup, leaving a feeling of freshness. The product does not cause skin irritation or redness.


- all types of problematic skin

Active ingredients:

Pore ​​Reductyl - fungus extract from the hub family, reduces the amount of sebum produced by the skin, mats and narrows the pores, reducing their visibility.

salicylic acid - beta-hydroxy acid, bacteriostatic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic. It eliminates the sebum layer and prevents skin changes.


- perfectly cleanses skin pores,

- removes impurities, fat, sweat,

- refreshes the skin,

- does not cause irritation or redness.


- a 100% safe product,

- does not contain parabens,

- does not contain paraffin oil,

- does not contain silicones.


Moisten your face and hands with water. Expel the right amount of gel and massage in the face. Rinse thoroughly with water. Gently dry the face, then use Clarena Medica micellar tonic.

Capacity: 200 ml

Code: RC2100

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